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Priv.-Doz. Dr. Götz Alexander Lehmann






Research interests

I am working in theoretical plasma physics, with special focus on relativistic laser-plasma interaction.
Of special interest to me are

  • Plasma-based photonic structures
  • Amplification of short, relativistic laser pulses in plasma via stimulated Raman and Brillouin processes,
  • Radiation damping in ultra-relativistic laser-plasma interaction,
  • Dynamics and stability of solitary structures in laser-plasma interactions,
  • Laser pulse self-compression via plasma non-linearities,
  • Numerical simulations of Maxwell-Fluid and Maxwell-Vlasov models.



I enjoy teaching, even though when properly done it will consume a lot of time. I am particularly happy that
my lectures Numerical Simulations I/II found such a good resonance amongst the students, that I was eventually
given a teaching award from the university in 2014. Thank you to all the students who put my nomination for
this forward and supported it. You can find more about the award following this link (in german).

Numerische Simulationen I, WS 2010/11
Numerische Simulationen II, SS 2011
Numerische Simulationen I, WS 2011/12
Numerische Simulationen II, SS 2012
Vorkurs Mathematik fuer Physiker, WS 2012
Numerical Simulations I WS 2012/2013
Numerical Simulations II, SS 2013
Vorkurs Mathematik fuer Physiker, WS 2013
Numerical Simulations I, WS 2013/14
Numerical Simulations II, SS 2014
Vorkurs Mathematik fuer Physiker, WS 2013
Physik fuer Pharmazeuten, WS 2014/2015
Numerical Simulations I, SS 2015
Computational Physics, WS 2015/2016
Numerical Simulations I, SS 2016
Physik für Biologen, WS 2017/18
Numerical Simulations II, WS 2017/18
Numerical Simulations I, SS 2018
Numerical Simulations II, WS 2018/19
Physik für Mediziner, WS 2018/19
Numerical Simulations I, SS19
Physik für Medizier, SS19
Numerical Simulations II, WS 2019/20
Physik für Mediziner, WS 2019/20


Peer-reviewed publications

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